Versatile yet simple furnishings are essential for island décor.  Classic rattan and retro patterned fabrics can add a hip vibe to beach interiors.  Slipcovers made of natural muslin, cotton, or denim fabrics will provide the perfect backdrop against splashes of brightly coloured fabric and accents in motifs associated with the casual and relaxed style of the Caribbean.

Inspired by nature, colour schemes for simple island elegance can range from ocean blues and palm frond greens, to vivid pink, yellow, and orange for the perfect tropical punch.  Contrasting these vibrant hues with natural textural materials such as grass cloth, wicker, rattan, bamboo, teak, woven blinds, shells, and driftwood produces the perfect balance for your space.  Successful use of pattern comes with combining them with understated elements for your island inspired rooms.

If your location is a truly tropical one, consider using outdoor fabrics for indoor rooms to keep mold and mildew at bay.  These highly durable fabrics can be more costly initially than their indoor counterparts, but their resistance to sunlight and humidity offers substantial savings in the long run, as they will not require frequent replacement.

Caribbean island style has many influences from other cultures – French, Spanish, African, Dutch and English – all blending into a unique rainbow evident in their music, cuisine, and decor.  Caribbean natives maintain a laid back approach to life, and infusing this style into your own home will make you feel like you can stay on vacation forever….you can almost feel the warm, balmy breeze and pink sand between your toes and hear the faint rhythmical beat of a calypso drum.