The Addams Family mansion has had several incarnations over the years.  It begins with the Charles Addams cartoon depicting it as a dilapidated mansion that had been condemned. 

From 1964 to 1966 the original Addams Family series ran on ABC television.  Known for their macabre style, both in their personal wardrobe and their home’s interior, it is surprising to learn the actual room setting was a colorful blend of bright tones of pink and mint green!!

In 1991 the first of two films were made, resurrecting the mansion’s original exterior from the Charles Addams cartoons.  The interior contains somewhere between 25 and 30 rooms, including Uncle Fester’s lab, dungeons, a vault, and a conservatory.

Even though the films were shot in color, somber palettes and dim lighting still created the creepy atmosphere.

In 2009, the Addams Family became a Broadway musical, and the set design carries on the haunted interior theme.